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Rope Slip Chain Collar & Leash Set

Rope Slip Chain Collar & Leash Set

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Material: Nylon outer and cotton core
Color: Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, Purple Blue, Pink Blue, Red Blue, Pink Purple, Purple Black, Red Black, Blue Black, Pink Black, Purple Red, Pink Red
Specifications:S / M / L / XL
Description:Upgrade the fifteen colors optional,with P chain function,effective control of the strength of the dog,walking the dog with the best rope,fabric soft.
Size  Leash Length  Leash Diameter    Collar Adjustable         
 S           120cm            1.0cm                24  -45cm                   
 M          120cm              1.5cm               30  -50cm                
 L            120cm            2.0 cm               40  -60cm                
XL           120cm             2.5cm               50  -70cm