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  I met Rose at the Animal Clinic where I was taking my feline for treatments for kidney issues, he is a few months shy of 19, he had no appetite and losing weight, drinking excessive water, his  condition was worsening rapidly, he was very frail and the trips to the clinic  were very hard on him, the Vet had but givin up hope on his recovery, by now he was in dire condition, that's when Rose took matters into her own hands, she made home visits where she brought him back from the dead practically with force feedings, assisting in Sub-Q fluid treatments, recommending other remedies, you can see that Rose has a real affection and place in her heart for helpless animals if it wasn't for her I would hate to think of what would of happened, looks like he's going to make it to his 19th birthday. 
Rick Correia.
     I have known Rose for a little over 3 years now and have found her to be a very compassionate and intelligent lady. I came to know Rose when she  first asked Mississauga Humane Society for help regarding some stray kittens she took in.  Rose is a kind soul and did her own private rescue for these homeless cats. She arranged vetting for them and also found homes for them. Rose has helped our Society by volunteering  at our Cat Adoption Room and has carried out her duties to our full satisfaction.  About 2 years ago, Rose took on a job at the animal hospital where we have our Cat Adoption Room. Although its not within her job duties, Rose has always taken the initiative in keeping an eye on our cat's well being. She is always  willing to give any kind of assistance to help our animals.  
      Besides her compassion for animals, her knowledge in animal care  has also impressed me. I think she has  a flair for animals! If there is any cat in the Cat Room that starts to get sick, Rose would be the first one to notice it! 
     Rose recently organised a PET FOOD DRIVE for our society on a voluntary basis. Even though this was organised in a short time frame, it was very successful and lots of food donations were collected, and monetary donations too. I have no hesitation in recommending Rose for any job in the animal care field as I know she will be a conscientious, competent and caring worker!
Lily Chan
Mississauga Humane Society
My mom got her Maltese dog angel groomed today and what a amazing job she came home looking smelling great and happy for sure will use this service again awesome price and friendly would recommend to everyone
Andrea Halley
 What a fabulous job you did with Asia and the pick up and delivery service is a super plus we will be doing business together from now on. 
Thanks again,