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Bandana Collar

Bandana Collar

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  • 8 Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Light Pink, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Hot Pink
  • Material: PU Leather
  • This Bandana is a great fun Fashion accessory for your pet.
  • Suitable for small to medium sized dogs
  • Not suitable for use in water
Size: XS  S M  L XL 

Size XS:Width 1.0cm X Length 31.5cm; Neck Adjustable Length:23-28cm/9.06-11.02"

Size S:Width 1.5cm X Length 40cm; Neck Adjustable Length:28-34.5cm/11.02-13.58"

Size M:Width 2.0cm X Length 44.5cm; Neck Adjustable Length:29-39cm/ 11.42-15.36"

Size L: Width 2.5cm X Length 52.5cm; Neck Adjustable Length:35-45cm/ 13.78-17.72"

Size XL: Width 3.0cm X Length 58.5cm; Neck Adjustable Length:40-53cm/ 15.75-20.87"